Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rimbaud Tyler-Moore

  1. Who can turn the world on with her ~ jackals howling through the wilderness of thyme?
    Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it seem ~ a season in hell?
    Well it's you girl and you should know ~ "You'll remain a hyena!" exclaims the demon
    With each step and every little movement you show ~ her solitude is erotic mechanics
    You can have the world why don't you take ~ the vice that rises to heaven, beats me, drags me down, throws me along
    Love is all around no need to fake ~ the terrible thrill of new loves on bloodstained soil
    You might just make it after all ~ to drink liquors strong as boiling metal, as my ancestors did around their fires

Friday, January 21, 2011

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

R.I.P. Don Van Vliet

From and essay by Lionel Rolfe, "Ape and Essence and Laura Huxley"

Along with my ex-wife Nigey Lennon, we were joined by Don Van Vliet, best known as the rock cult hero Captain Beefheart. We had been discussing drugs, the ‘60s and the high desert. Beefheart was talking about how people who live in the desert (where he was reared) are often far more eccentric than those who live on the L.A. side of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Once, as a young lad growing up in the desert, Beefheart had a part-time job selling Electrolux vaccuum cleaners in Pearblossom, which was not very far from Llano and Wrightwood, the desert and mountain communities that Huxley lived in. Beefheart explained it was known that the author lived in the desert, so when a tall, gangly customer came into the store where Beefheart was working, Beefheart recognized him immediately.

Van Vliet remembered being impressed by how down-to-earth Huxley was. Huxley explained that his wife Maria had sent him out to look for a vacuum cleaner. Huxley asked Van Vliet if he could recommend one. Since Beefheart was selling Electroluxes, it was, of course, an Electrolux that Huxley purchased. Then they talked a bit.

During the conversation at Denny's, Beefheart said that Huxley had seemed to him a man who was looking for something, that he was an eccentric among the eccentrics who inhabited the desert.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Matt & Mariko - A Serialized Novel - 7.18

Chapters 1-16:


     All the lights were on inside the glass building, so it glowed in the canyon darkness as Matt and Mariko drove up to the guard gate.
     The two guards inside the bungalow at the entrance to Ozawatech were immediately concerned by the late-night arrival, but they relaxed when they saw Mariko behind the wheel.
     "Konbawa, Ojosan. Nagai koto oai shimasendeshita," one of the guards said.  (Good evening, little one. It’s been such a long time.)
     "Mata aete ureshii way, Canto-san,"  she replied. (I’m happy to see you again, too, Mr. Nortbert.) With the formalities dispensed, they switched to English and the other guard handed her a badge.
      "As usual," he told her. "May I say we miss your presence?"
      The second guard then handed Matt a badge – with his photograph on it. Surprised, he looked up to see a camera mounted on the guard gate. It had taken his picture when they drove up. He noticed he didn't really look like himself on the badge – he had a baffled expression on his face and his reddened eyes were surrounded by dark circles, like a raccoon's. But that wasn't the camera's fault, he thought to himself. He was a mess.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

High News Haiku 14


Ha! Another cap!
Didn't work before so what
Makes you glrrg bbbbll gglumphhh

Thursday, July 8, 2010

High News Haiku 13


Ha! Did you hear that!
They call me 'NAVIGABLE!!!!'
What an absurd joke

EPA Calls L.A. River 'Traditional Navigable Waters'

Monday, July 5, 2010

Matt & Mariko - A Serialized Novel - 7.5


Chapters 1-15:

     The night air of Malibu Canyon rushed through the vents and into Matt and Mariko’s faces they zoomed down the winding road. They only saw a couple of dozen cars coming toward them in the opposite direction. Each one shut its high beams on approach. No one was behind them.
     Instead of heading down Sunset to PCH, Mariko had driven over the freeways to Malibu so she could try to see if anyone was following them before they hit the canyon road. Now it seemed they were in the clear. The walls of the canyon, with fossils from pre-historic times embedded into the layers of dirt that formed them, rose steeply on their right. A ravine plummeted down to a creek on their left. A coyote darted across the winding road ahead of them, visible for only a moment in their headlights before disappearing into the brush.
     Matt was going to ask why she was taking the long way. But he knew, so there was no point. He'd hoped that spending time alone with Mariko would clear his head so he could figure out how to deal with Ashton. But since those hopes were now gone, he thought he'd strike up some idle conversation.
     "So," he asked Mariko as she leaned slightly while steering around a curve. "How's class going?" They sometimes talked about her French lit courses.
     "Fine," she said.
     "What are you on?"
     "The Quarrel Between the Ancients and the Moderns," she told him. "Ever read about that?"